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George’s Shed has taken the mystery out of agency fees with our clear breakdowns and purpose-built marketing packages to suit all businesses. If you’d like to discuss further or need something a little more flexible. Please note: all prices on the marketing packages are quoted monthly.

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Best Features

Our team of SEO specialists can assist you in increasing web traffic for your website, which also results in incremental revenues. Discover some of the perks below that explain our processes for delivering results.

Boost in Revenue

Increasing organic traffic on your website ensures that your revenue sees a significant bump via organic channels.

Brand Visibility

Create a positive brand image through optimum search engine ranking and increased online recognition.

User experience

Create a more relevant website experience through SEO optimisation that makes your website user-friendly.

organic traffic

Utilise the best SEO strategy for your business to put you ahead of your competitors on browser search result pages.


Our web SEO process includes research, optimisation, building our profile and maintaining the approach for continued results. Together, we can make sure that your customers have the best possible experience when interacting with your brand in a digital space.

The first thing we need to do is ensure we have everything we need. A big part of this is the analytics, ensuring the website has the right capabilities and is in good technical “shape” and, more importantly, understanding your business market, setting accurate timelines, and success measures.

After a detailed discovery phase and assessment, we look at the business and how it will be optimised to develop new functionality for the site to ensure you get the best results for your business.

The second step of the SEO service is to ensure all existing website content is assessed and optimised. This means applying advanced copywriting techniques, ensuring there is enough content for search engines to understand the page and giving us a relevancy boost.

Or just providing the content is accessible and there are no “holes in the boat” could lead to loss of authority or a bad user experience.

Completing the first two steps of the SEO strategy gives us a good insight into the content we need to focus on. The Build process includes discovering what competitors are doing and your deficiencies in comparison in terms of content and authority.

The Maintenance and Evaluation process is less of a step and more of an ongoing objective. This allows us to maintain an agile approach and constantly improve the SEO strategy and results by continually evaluating and maintaining market trends. This also ensures we can deliver an SEO service with compounding effects.

Our SEO services involve using established industry tools to ensure that all your web pages’ performance is monitored daily and kept in their best health to maintain a constant flow of organic traffic.

All-In-One Client Reporting

Easily monitor and improve your digital marketing performance with our highly developed all-in-one client dashboard. With in-depth reports on your website traffic, keyword rankings, SEO status, competitors, backlinks, an intuitive site audit tool and much more, you can start building high-performing campaigns that produce exceptional results.

your marketing dashboard

Our SEO services

Our small and dedicated team of search engine marketing professionals offer excellent service you can trust. Our SEO  service focuses on improving the ranking of a company website in SERPs (search engine results pages). And focus on assisting clients in boosting their website visibility, traffic, and ranking through practical, targeted search terms for top search engines.

Essential SEO services include:


Keyword research

Keywords or phrases are used by people searching the internet for products and services.


On-site optimisation

Our team focus on your website, optimising it to climb the ladder in search results, helping you reach a wider audience. 


Mobile-friendly solutions

Search engines favour websites that embrace mobile technology and target audiences using a small touch screen.

our seo service

Our Design Services

We are specialists in web design based, branding and video editing services. By using research, strategy and insight, we craft beautiful designs that truly deliver results.


We develop the conception, design and build for a range of digital platforms, websites and web applications.


Unique and eye-catching branding solutions that will complete and compliment your brand strategy

Video Editing

Achieve more with your content by harnessing the power of video to create more targeted and impactful messaging.


What is an SEO?

Search engine optimisers (SEOs) are people who optimise websites to help them show up higher on search engines and gain more “organic traffic.”

In essence, an SEO is a highly specialised content strategist and helps a business discover opportunities to answer questions people have about the industry via search engines.

What is technical SEO audit

A technical SEO audit is a comprehensive inspection of your site that finds SEO improvement areas.

While search engines are getting better at crawling, indexing and understanding information, they are not perfect. And if, for some reason, they have a hard time figuring out what your website is all about or if you have what searchers want, they’ll move on.

A technical SEO analysis can help search crawlers better understand and index your site =on search results through a complete audit.

How would you conduct a SEO audit on my site?

Through an in-depth review of website architecture, we discover the underlying potential of your website. Our detailed on-page assessment validates if your web pages have an optimised page’s critical elements.

Off-page SEO review analyses your brand’s online footprint to understand if it offers an optimal experience for prospects and search engine crawlers.

Can I Do PPC and SEO?

Yes. A balanced combination of PPC and SEO can often bring excellent results for those who can afford it. SEO helps increase your site’s overall rankings and tends to have more of an evergreen effect. PPC can help you boost and get better visibility by paid methods.

An expert SEO service can help you decide the best path for you and how much you want to invest in PPC. Learn more about our PPC service here.

How can your SEO experts help my business?

Our SEO experts help guide you in improving your SEO, and cover topics such as On-page, Off-page, Technical, Local SEO and are aimed at bringing your business SEO succe

How do you use UX and Heat Map analysis?

By combining both Analysis and Feedback tools, Hotjar gives you the ‘big picture’ of how to improve your site’s user experience and performance/conversion rates.

The Analysis tools measure and observe user behaviour (see what users do), while the Feedback tools enable you to “hear” what your users have to say (the Voice of User).