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Pricing Packages

George’s Shed has taken the mystery out of agency fees with our clear breakdowns and purpose-built marketing packages to suit all businesses. If you’d like to discuss further or need something a little more flexible. Please note: all prices on the marketing packages are quoted monthly.

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Best Features

Our experienced and talented content team of passionate develop content strategies specifically tailored to your business. Discover some of the perks below that explain our processes for delivering results.

Attract customers

Our thoughtfully planned and engaging content increases brand consideration and helps you attract new customers.

Generate demand

The right content strategy can help you generate demand for your services and increase sales or revenue.


Creative Content

Our creative team are passionate about creating unique content that resonates with your audience.

brand awareness

Our content marketing campaigns are designed to maximise brand visibility and increase awareness.


Every type of business needs to be communicated with customers and potential customers. Today, highly optimised content is a must to stay top of mind and rank high in search results. These days, consumers are very savvy about choosing products and services to buy online. You will only be considered if you have a robust online presence.

Our content marketing process is designed around your brand’s specific goals. Through influencing perception, raising awareness, or driving performance, we only deliver engaging and relatable results to share with your target audiences. 

Our content marketing team will first evaluate your content strategy, competitors and brand identity, as well as creative assets. This will help us create the best plan to drive your brand forward.

We then help you develop a detailed content calendar strategy that focuses on your goals and needs. We take the time to consider your audience, what they’re looking for and where they hang out online.

Our content writers draft unique, insightful, and impactful content for your brand to develop insightful, helpful, and engaging marketing content that aligns with your desired outcomes.

All-In-One Client Reporting

Easily monitor and improve your digital marketing performance with our highly developed all-in-one client dashboard. With in-depth reports on your website traffic, keyword rankings, SEO status, competitors, backlinks, an intuitive site audit tool and much more, you can start building high-performing campaigns that produce exceptional results.

your marketing dashboard

Our Content Marketing services

Building meaningful connections online is the key to making good content stick. So, our digital marketing experts create strategies to ensure your creative content lives and breathe across all your channels.

We will help turn your message into creative content packages to best reach your audience and drive leads. Be it a series of articles underpinned by data, engaging content for your new website or an eye-catching interactive journey; we have it covered.

Our experienced team use data statistics and research to inform our work, write commercial and informational copy and identify stand-out headlines from the results.

We deliver the whole work. Whatever the challenge is, there is someone within our team who has the experience and knowledge to create digital content to engage the audience. We can produce everything from articles to award-winning interactive occasions and data visualisation banquets.

content writing services

Our Design Services

We are specialists in web design based, branding and video editing services. By using research, strategy and insight, we craft beautiful designs that truly deliver results.


We develop the conception, design and build for a range of digital platforms, websites and web applications.


Unique and eye-catching branding solutions that will complete and compliment your brand strategy

Video Editing

Achieve more with your content by harnessing the power of video to create more targeted and impactful messaging.


What is content marketing?

All businesses need some form of content marketing to increase visibility and sell their products or services. Whether with blogs, social media, videos or infographics, increasing exposure and targeting specific audiences will help bring in leads.

Our strategic and creative brains will bring you the best of both worlds: powerful copy and a foolproof marketing approach.

Why Should I Invest in content marketing?

If you want to succeed in digital marketing, you must first succeed in content marketing. It is challenging to increase brand awareness or boost engagement without quality content, and this is particularly difficult nowadays with the online space being so competitive.

Once you have an excellent copy on your website and social channels, the only way is up – you’ll have more exposure on more platforms, and you’ll be communicating with many more potential leads. What could be more worthwhile?

Will the content be SEO friendly?

We aim to make our web copy as SEO-friendly as possible and use keywords where appropriate in the text. However, good copy is the kind that reads well, so we conduct keyword research to make sure that the= copy is optimised.

If you are looking for SEO assistance, you can learn more about our service here.

Can Content Marketing Generate Leads for My Business?

With the right strategy in place, you can use content marketing to generate a steady stream of new leads for your business.

You can introduce your leads to your sales funnel through content like blog posts, articles, ebooks, and website content as users engage with your brand. As your leads discover and engage with your other content marketing efforts, they may convert from potential to current customers.