About us

We help aspiring brands flourish online.

A fast-growing team of digital experts delivering effective and proactive marketing solutions.

What We Do Best

The world of marketing is always changing with new trends, platforms and competitors to keep us on our toes. We are continually learning the top ways to market a business effectively, so we can apply these techniques to our clients and create outstanding results!

If you want to compete with competitors of all shapes and sizes, then you need a unique approach. The George’s Shed team creates bespoke strategies for every small business we work with.

Our curiosity is our driving force, and we love to challenge expectations, push boundaries and seek out new opportunities. We aim to be your trusted agency partner – to deliver measurable results, explore ways to help your business grow, and guide and support you through the challenges that growth can bring.

Having an experienced team that has worked on projects in various industries allows us to effectively understand and work collaboratively with our clients to create, develop and nurture incredible experiences online, that transform users into followers and customers into brand advocates.

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Who We Are

When it comes to how we work and behave as an agency, we have some core beliefs that help guide us daily.

At George’s Shed, we have one clear mission: to help our clients reach the peak of their digital footprint. 

How? Through unrivalled creative ideas, support, innovation and consultancy that delivers outstanding online campaigns to make your business dreams come true. This helps us be the best we can, whilst staying honest, respectful and supportive every day.

We pride ourselves on working exhaustively to a set of clearly defined values. These values are established and delivered by our passionate team in every aspect of the work we do.

We stand by a set of core values that are ingrained in everything we do, such as passion, honesty, integrity and respect.

We’ve developed a strong culture of excellence that strives to deliver, learn, and do better for everyone and everything we come into contact with.

Every team remember is actively responsible for the overall success of the team, which motivates us to work together and support each other for a single unified purpose.

Why Choose Us



We’ll provide you with monthly reporting so you can keep track of everything we’re doing, plus all the key stats.


The digital world is fast-paced, if you’re not on the ball… . It’s our job to be the industry eyes and ears for our clients.

Fast Support

Need some urgent help? No worries, drop us an email or a call and we’ll get back to you fast, with expert support and advice.

Tailored Packages

Our packages are malleable. We’ll take the time to understand your requirements and create a service that suits you.

Creative experts

We are proud to find innovative topics, ideas and creative digital marketing solutions tht take your business to new heights.

Customer Orientation

Building relationships is what we do best! At George’s Shedwe place you firmly at the front and centre of everything we do.


Our team of experts can support you in all areas of your small businesses’ digital marketing – from Design, Marketing and Hosting services.


Exceptional Design Services With A Focus On User Experience.

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A range of marketing services that can help you reach your business goals.

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Fully managed, reliable web hosting so you can focus on taking care of your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should My Small Business Invest in Marketing?

Marketing is essential for keeping up with competitors, boosting brand awareness and securing sales. The world is competitive, and you need to stand out from the crowd with a digital presence that grasps and holds – their attention. At George’s Shed, we offer a range of services to ensure you find success in your market.

Who Do You Work With?

We primarily work with SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) to help them stand out and gain a loyal following. We specialise in supporting start-ups, though we offer our services to established names, as well. 

Why Work with George's Shed?

We have a team with lots of experience across all aspects of digital marketing. We have developers, website designers and content creators just to name a few – and they are all dedicated and hard-working. We have worked with small businesses and startups across a wide range of industries, and we care about seeing every small business we work with grow into something tremendous.

What Tools Do You Use?

We utilise a wide range of tools to ensure all the work we complete is to the highest standards – but if we listed them all. But, here are just a few of the big ones we use daily to complete work – a suite of website auditing and onpage-optimisation tools, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Photoshop, and many more. What can we say, we just love tools!